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10 March 2005 @ 11:36 am
Christy Hemme on Howard Stern  

Howard came back from break and said he had WWE Diva Christy Hemme (ChristyHemme.com) and an 11 year old girl who was going to compete against her in a game. He also had this guy Chris in a wheelchair who was going to guess who would win. Chris came in and thanked Howard for having him on the show. He had a brain tumor when he was 14 and ended up in the wheelchair. He was fine before the brain tumor so that screwed him up. Chris said that he has a rare disease that usually only affects Jews. He said the name of the disease but it was kind of hard to understand because of his slight speech impediment. Chris said he hasn't been able to get laid in this condition but he did kiss a girl when he was at camp as a kid. Howard read that Chris has had a pretty bad life. He has night terrors and had gone into a coma after his brain tumor surgery. He is able to pleasure himself and he does think about dominating a woman in his fantasies. Robin asked Chris is he's able to work. He said he'd like to work but no one will hire him. He would like to work in a video store. Chris would also like to work on radio or TV so Howard asked him if he'd like to be their entertainment reporter. It would be between him and Eric the Midget. He was just kidding about that
Howard told Chris he was going to be playing for a $10,000 grand prize. He told him that they were bringing in the 11 year old kid and WWE Diva Christy Hemme. He was going to ask them 7 questions and whichever one got the most correct was the winner. Chris picked Christy to win the contest so Howard wondered why he picked her. Chris seemed to think that she might not be as smart at the 11 year old, Jewish, kid. The 11 year old is a good student but Christy has been around a lot longer. Gary asked Howard why he kept mentioning that the kid was Jewish. Howard said that a lot of Jewish kids are smart but Robin pointed out that Howard was a Jewish kid and he wasn't all that smart. Howard said he'd go with the 11 year old if he were Chris but he didn't want to sway him in the wrong way and have the guy blame him for the loss. Chris stuck with Christy as his pick to win. Howard wasn't going to tell Christy that Chris picked her but he changed his mind and wanted to pressure her to win.

Howard had Christy come in a short time later and gave her a couple of plugs for the April issue of Playboy in which she appears. The 11 year old girl, Eliza, was also in. She said that she's a straight A student. Howard told the girls the rules and that Chris had picked Christy to win. He also told Christy that there's $10,000 riding on this. He had a lot of questions for Christy but he didn't want to ask them in front of the 11 year old.

Howard moved on to the game and asked the questions. Each of the girls had a card to write their answers on. Here are the questions, answers and who got them right:

Who is the U.S. Secretary of Defense? - Donald Rumsfeld - Eliza got it, Christy missed it.
Who is the U.S. Secretary of State? - Condoleeza Rice - Eliza got it, Christy missed it.
What film won Best Picture at this year's Oscars? - ''Million Dollar Baby'' - Eliza got it, Christy missed it.
In the last election, who did George Bush and Dick Cheney run against? - Kerry, Edwards - Eliza got it, Christy got John Kerry but not Edwards.
Christy blew it for Chris. Eliza came out way ahead of Christy who didn't get one answer correct. Howard was handed a note that said they were going to give Chris $5,000 even though he didn't win. Artie asked him if he wanted to put that five grand on a bet. Chris didn't want to risk anymore and didn't want to give Artie the money... but Artie told him that West Virginia was a lock and Chris was ready to give him the money. Howard didn't want him to give up the money either. Eliza even suggested that he keep the five grand and not bet it. Howard said he thinks they're giving Eliza $1,000 for coming in. He asked her if she wanted to give up that money and try to double it with ''Uncle Artie.'' He told her to keep the money. Howard let Eliza and Chris go so he could spend some time with Christy.

More With WWE Diva Christy Hemme. 03/09/05. 8:10am
Howard spent some time talking to Christy Hemme after the game. Christy said the clothes she was wearing were last minute buys because her luggage never made it to her when she flew in yesterday. Howard said that she's ''way hot'' and kind of looked like Lindsay Lohan. They had a picture of her up on his web site so guys could look at her while she was talking. Howard asked Christy when she last had a man. She said it was back in October. She looked very womanly according to Howard. He had checked out her Playboy layout and thought she looked really good. Christy talked about the work she's doing with the WWE and how she's in a feud with Chris Stratus. She filled Howard in on all of the details of her storyline.
Howard spent some more time talking to Christy about her dating life. She said she's only been with about 6 guys in her life. She was a virgin up until she was 18 years old. She said that she didn't get that much pleasure from the first guy, at least not like she does now. She said a woman can't really enjoy sex until they know how to pleasure themselves. She said she does that a lot now that she doesn't have a man. She has a whole collection of vibrators that she uses but she doesn't travel with them. She said that's the first thing she does when she gets home. Christy said she enjoys dressing up for her man and will dress up in a school girl outfit with pigtails sometimes. She said she's spontaneous about that stuff and doesn't plan it ahead of time. Howard wanted more details about that so he tried to find out just how she does that. She said there are things she'd like to keep secret. She said she does like to be spanked and stuff. Howard asked her if she gets excited when a guy spanks her. She was just laughing through the whole thing.

Christy told Howard about how she won the WWE Diva search which got her $250,000. Howard asked her if she likes her hair pulled when she's in bed too. She likes the pain and does like the hair pulling and spanking. Gary came in and said he read that she was caught having sex in her father's office one night. Christy told Howard about how she went there with the guy because she was young and had no place to go so they went to her father's insurance company office to do it. She said they were having sex and she saw a shadow in the hall. She made a comment to the guy about how it would be funny if her father showed up. Then she realized it was her father and he went nuts and asked her what the hell she was doing in his office. She said her father was cool about it the next day after he calmed down. Christy said she's not into girls but she did kiss the ring announcer on her show one time.

Howard gave Christy some plugs for the upcoming Wrestlemania 21 which airs on April 3rd. He also plugged her Playboy issue and was about to wrap up. Doug Goodstein from E! came in and asked her if she'd get into a schoolgirl outfit and then get spanked. She agreed to do it much to Howard's surprise. They had her go into the bathroom and get changed. She was in character when she came out and Howard started to take his clothes off. He didn't know what he was doing and acted out some scenes with Christy who was acting like a young school girl. Howard told her that he was going to spank her for any bad grades she got. She called him Daddy at one point but Howard didn't seem to like that too much since he's old enough to be her father. Howard wanted to see Christy's underwear but she refused to show it to them. Howard ''read'' her report card and found that she got a D in History so she was going to get 3 spankings for that. He had her bend over and gave her a few spankings. She also got an F in conduct so Howard had to spank her a few more times. She squealed each time he spanked her. Gary said that she was smiling through the whole thing. She got some bad grades in a few other classes like Science and Social Studies so Howard was spanking her like crazy. Artie asked ''How are we constantly overlooked at the Emmys?'' Gary said he wasn't sure he could stand up after seeing this. Artie said she smelled good too and asked her what she was wearing. She said she was wearing Romance.

Huge wrestling fan Double A called in and asked her how long she's in town because he'd like to take her out. Howard hung up on him before he could hook up with her though. Howard took a couple of other calls and spent a couple more minutes with Christy. Doug told Howard that there was one more thing that they could do to her school girl outfit... wet it down. Christy said that she was wearing a black bra under the outfit so it wouldn't work too well. Howard wrapped up the segment a short time later. Jason was in there snapping pictures of her so they could put those up on HowardStern.com immediately. He went to commercial break a short time later.